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Thesis guide for DNB at institute of obstetrics & gynecology at sir Ganga Ram Hospital

  • Guide for thesis on “Role of Hysteroscopy in reproductive failure” accepted in August 1996 for awarding “Diplomate National Board”, to Dr. Sangeeta Ahuja.
  • Guide for thesis on “Evaluation of peri-ovulatory events by study of cervical mucus, Estradiol and ultrasonography in natural menstrual cycle and clomiphene stimulated cycles in sub-fertile patients”, accepted in Aug 1997 for awarding “Diplomate National Board”, to Dr. Rachna Verma.
  • Guide for thesis on “Prediction of ovarian response to gonadotropin in women undergoing IVF (Down-regulation with COH) by age, basal hormones and ovarian volume on Ultrasonography” accepted in April 1999 for awarding “Diplomate National Board”, to Dr.Aparajita Gupta
  • Guide for thesis on “Hyper-insulinaemia in PCOD and effect of Metformin on insulin resistance”, accepted in August 2000 for awarding “Diplomate National Board”, to Dr DechaanAngmo.
  • Guide for thesis on “Intra uterine Insemination with normal Sperm Count for Cervical or Unexplained Infertility- A Randomized trial Comparing 2 different semen preparation techniques”, accepted in September 2001 for awarding Diplomate National Board, to Dr.Renu Talwar.
  • Guide for thesis on “Correlation of Hysterosalpingography with Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in infertility” accepted in January 2004 for awarding “Diplomate National Board”, to Dr.Anushree Arya
  • Guide for thesis on “To assess the prevalence of thyroid peroxidase antibodies in women undergoing In Vitro Fertilization and its usefulness as a prognostic clinical marker for evaluating the reproductive outcome”, accepted in June 2005 for awarding Diplomate of National Board, to Dr. Vandana Pandey.
  • Guide for thesis on “Correlation of utero-ovarian biophysical profile with IVF Outcome”, accepted in 2006 for awarding Diplomate of National Board, to Dr. Nisha Singhal.
  • Guide for thesis on “To study the outcome of In-Vitro Fertilization in women undergoing IVF with endometriosis versus tubal factor infertility without endometriosis”, accepted in 2009 for awarding Diplomate of National Board, to Dr. Pallavi Pasricha Shamlal.

Research Papers for FNB (Fellow National Board) at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Project Title FNB Year
1. Evaluating change in mid-luteal serum oestradiol levels as compared to pre-hCG level as a predictor of IVF outcome. Dr. Aanchal Jain 2007-2009
2. A study of Anti- Mullerian Hormone and its comparison with age and FSH in the prediction of ovarian response to controlled ovarian stimulation Dr. RumaSatwik 2008-2010
3. Predictors and prevalence of metabolic syndrome Dr. Sangita Sharma 2009 -2011
4. Evaluation of effect of GnRH agonist as an adjuvant in luteal phase support on IVF outcome Dr. Datta Inamdar Prasad 2010 – 2012
5. Impact of Gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist addition on pregnancy rates in gonadotropin stimulated IUI cycles Dr. Shikha Jain 2011-2013
6. Effect of endometrial TB PCR positivity on IVF outcome Dr. Shruti Gupta 2013- 2015
7. To Evaluate the association between serum progesterone levels on day of hCG administration and on day of oocyte retrieval with IVF outcome Dr. Parul Garg 2014 – 2016
8. To study the underlying characteristics of a subset of PCOS women requiring stimulation of ovulation with high doses of hMG after not having responded to chronic low dose step up regimes of FSH Dr. Poonam Patel 2015 – 2017
9. Does instillation of intrauterine human chorionic gonadotropin enhance implantation In women undergoing fresh embryo transfer. Dr. Sabina Sanan 2016– 2018
10. To study the effect of addition of Letrozole/recombinant LH/HMG to recombinant FSH in poor ovarian reserve patients undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation for IVF Dr. Rashmi Agrawal 2017 – 2019
11. Does step down of gonadotropin dose in controlled ovarian stimulation lead to a lower rate of follicular phase progesterone elevation compared to sustained high dose gonadotropin stimulation. Dr. SinghMonalisa Shekhar 2018 – 2020
12. Influence of progesterone levels on day of transfer in hormonally prepared frozen embryo transfer cycles: A prospective study Dr. Bhawani Shekhar 2019 – 2022
13. The novel ‘Duo stim’ protocol for controlled ovarian stimulation for poor responder women: our experience Dr. Anu Singh 2021 – 2023
14. To compare Dual ovarian stimulation (Duostim) with 2 consecutive follicular phase stimulations (Bistim) in advanced age women with poor ovarian response: A Randomised Controlled Trial Dr Neha Khatri 2023 – 2025
15. Effect of GnRH agonist pre-treatment on reproductive outcomes in women with adenomyosis undergoing frozen embryo transfer Dr Tanu Sharma 2023 – 2025

Research Projects for IFS (Indian Fertility Society) at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Project Title FNB Year
1. Dual trigger versus single trigger in antagonist IVF cycles Dr. Rhythm Ahuja 2015 – 2016
2. Endometrial preparation for frozen thawed embryo transfer with exogenous gonadotropins in oligo-ovulatory women showing poor response to exogenous oestrogens Dr. Garima Sharma 2016 – 2017
3. Effect of luteinizing hormone dynamics in the follicular phase on theclinical outcomes of patients undergoing In – vitro fertilization andintracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles with elevated basal luteinizinghormone Dr. Shruti Gupta 2017– 2018
4. Factors prognosticating IVF outcomes in patients with unexplained infertility Dr. Sunita Saharan 2017– 2018
5. Impact of cleavage stage embryo morphology on clinical outcomes of blastocyst stage transfer Dr. Nidhi Singh 2016 – 2018
6. Factors affecting outcome of Frozen – Thawed embryo transfer cycle (FET) Dr. Tejashri M Shrotri 2017 – 2019
7. Demography, expectations, and experiences of oocyte donors in northern India – an interview-based study Dr. Nikita Jindal 2018 – 2019
8. Relationship of degree of blastocoels re-expansion and post warming cell survival with implantation potential of frozen thawed blastocysts Dr.Shivam Malhotra 2018 – 2019
9. A randomized control trial comparing clomiphene citrate (100 mg) with Letrozole (5 mg) as a first line treatment in women with oligomenorrhoeicobese polycystic ovarian syndrome undergoing timed intercourse or intrauterine insemination. Dr. Pooja Uniyal 2019 – 2020
10. Comparison of pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing frozen thawed embryo transfer(FET) cycles following ultrasound for endometrial morphology with and without doppler studies– A prospective cohort study Dr. Vasudha Gupta 2019 – 2020
11. Evaluation of microfluidic based sperm selection in patients undergoing IVF with male factor infertility. Dr. Sonal Sehgal 2019 – 2020
12. Correlation of stimulation phase length with M2 rates and fertilisation rates in pcos women undergoing ICSI : A prospective and retrospective study. Dr. Gittika Sharma 2020–2021
13. Modified ICSI technique towards improving fertilization outcomes with ICSI Dr. Rohit Bansal 2020 – 2021
14. Demographic, Clinical and Embryological parameters associated with early pregnancy losses in frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycles Dr. Shahida Naghma 2021 – 2022
15. Medroxyprogesterone acetate versus gnrh antagonist for lh suppresion in oocyte donor cycles: a randomised controlled trial Dr. Kriti Singh 2021 – 2022
16. Evaluation of Embryonic outcomes between IVF versus ICSI in non-male factor infertility : A Retrospective Study Aiyush Sharma 2021 – 2022
17. Rescue subcutaneous progesterone supplementation given daily in women with low serum progesterone levels as measured on the day of frozen embryo transfer in HRT cycles – a
prospective study
Dr. Suhani Chandra 2022 – 2023
18. Efficacy and outcomes of split insemination (IVF vs ICSI) in sibling oocytes for patients undergoing ivf with non- male factor infertility Pallavi Singh 2022 – 2023
19. Prevalence and Reproductive outcomes in different POSEIDON GROUPS undergoing ART Cycles : retrospective Analysis from a tertiary centre in India Dr. Anjali Chauhan 2022 – 2023
20.Association of cumulative live birth rate with oocyte numbers per stimulation cycle in different age groups in Indian population: a retrospective cohort study Dr. Deepika 2023 – 2024
21.Categorization of adnexal masses in reproductive aged women undergoing surgery Dr. Aditi Jain 2023 – 2024





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