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  • Chapter titled ‘Myoma and Infertility: Should we remove myoma in infertile women’ in the text book ‘Recent Advances in Infertility Management’ P64 to 71; edited by M.l Goenka and Deepak Goenka 2001.
  • Chapters in CME for postgraduates on “Ovulation Induction, Intra-uterine Insemination. In Vitro Fertilization, Micro-manipulation techniques, Fertility Issues in Premature Ovarian Failure, 1997-2002.
  • Chapter titled “Cervical factor infertility” in the textbook “Practical approach to infertility management”, p199 to 208; edited by Dr. Kanthi Bansal, 2004.
  • Chapter titled “Assisted Hatching: benefits and limitations “with Gaurav Majumdar in the textbook ‘The Heart and Soul of ART’ p244 to 251; edited by. Dr. Prakash Trivedi 2004.
  • Chapter titled “Principles and Technique of in Vitro Fertilization” in textbook of “Demystifying Obstetrics and Gynecology”, p26 to 36; edited by Dr. Mini Sood, Dr. Charu Lata first edition 2006.
  • Chapter titled “Menstrual Irregularities in PCOS” in a book titled ‘Polycystic Ovary Syndrome- An update’ with Dr Tejshree Singh p106 to 124; edited by Gita Ganguly Mukherjee & BN Chakraborty, released during AICOG January 2007.
  • Chapter titled “Hysteroscopic myomectomy, polypectomy and directed biopsy” with Dr. Tejshree Singh in the book titled ‘Manual of Operative Obstetrics &Gynecology’ first edition page number 621 to 631January 2009’ edited by Randhir Puri and Narender Malhotra with Co-editors as Jaideep Malhotra and Pranay shah. The second edition was released in 2014with the upgraded same chapter from page number 653 to 665 with was edited by Narendra Malhotra, Randhir Puri and Jaideep Malhotra.
  • Chapter titled “Androgen Excess in Reproductive life” on “Textbook of Gynecology” 2011; edited by Dr. Sudha Salhan.
  • Chapter titled “Ectopic pregnancy – Current management” 24th chapter in Insights into infertility management’ 2012; edited by K Jaya Krishnan
  • Chapter titled ‘Hyperandrogenism’ for “Principles and Practice of Obstetrics and Gynaecology” part 2,for postgraduates, P 678 to 684, 2008;edited by Narendra Malhotra, P K Shah and Hema Divakar, 3rdedition 2008 4th addition 2014.
  • Chapter titled “Anovulatory Infertility”, with Dr. Nisha Mangal Sharma in the textbook ‘Principles & Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology’ P 165 to 179, 2014; edited by Dr. Kamini A Rao and C0-editor Howard Carp and Robert Fischer and foreword by Alan H De Cherney
  • Chapter titled “Environment and Infertility” with Dr. Neeti Tiwari, in the textbook ‘Principles & Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology’ published on 2014; P 320 to 326; edited by Dr. Kamini A Rao and Co-editor Howard Carp and Robert Fischer and foreword by Alan H De Cherney.
  • Chapter titled Amenorrhea with Dr Neeti Tiwari, in the textbook ‘Principles& Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology’, first edition published in 2014 second edition in 2019; page number137 to147 edited by Dr.Kamini A Rao with Co-editor Dr Deepika Krishna.
  • Chapter titled “Anovulation with hyper-prolactinaemia” Chapter 29, ‘Principles and Practice of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation in ART’, e-book 2015 by Springer; P 321 to P 330; edited by Surveen Ghumman
  • Chapter titled ‘Hyperprolactinemia’ with Dr. Neeti Tiwari, in a book ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology; A Case based Approach’ edited by Dr I Ganguly and Harsha Khullar TREE LIFE MEDIA Publishing for practice(A division of KothJnMedoCJI) in 2015
  • Chapter titled ‘Review of The Standard Protocols for Controlled Ovarian Stimulation, Alternative controlled ovarian stimulation Protocols and Individualized Treatment inbAssisted Reproductive Techniques’, with Dr. Roshi Satja page 44 to 58 in the book ‘Individualized Controlled Ovarian stimulation’ edited by G.A. Rama Raju and Baidyanath Chakraborty, published by Elsevier and financed by Merck Serono in 2016 February.
  • Chapter titled “Choosing the right gonadotropin for stimulation for ART” with Dr. Roshi Satija in the book titled ‘Current Concepts in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility Update 2017’, editor Atul Munshi, C.B.Nagori, Kiran Desai and Kanthi Bansal released in AICOG 2017.
  • Chapter titled “A cohort of Clomiphene Resistant Anovulatory Women with Polycystic Ovary syndrome and Altered Response to FSH Stimulation”, in a book compiled as ‘Complicated cases in Assisted Reproductive techniques’ with Dr. Poonam Mishra edited by Nandita Palshetkar and Hrishikesh D Pai in 2017
  • Chapter titled ‘Medical management of Ectopic pregnancy’ 2nd addition in the book titled ‘Insights into Infertility Management’ edited by Dr. K. Jayakrishnan from Trivandrum released in 2019
  • Chapter titled ‘Individualized Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (iCOS), in a book “Advances in ART” edited by Nayana Patel and Co-editor Sandro C Esteves and published by Jaypee Publications in March 2019.
  • Chapter on ‘Management of an infertile couple’ in a book titled ‘Management of Common Gynaecological Problems’: A Guide for Practitioners edited by Atul Kakar, Samiran Nundy, published by Jaypee brothers in 2019
  • Chapter (115) titled ‘Genital tuberculosis’, for the “Manual of Assisted Reproductive technologies and Laboratory Sciences (volume 1 Basic sciences and Clinical ART)”, edited by Dr. Gauri Devi, Prof (Col) Pankaj Talwar, Dr. Jayant Mehta (UK) and Dr Ashok Agarwal (USA) published in 3 volumes and released at the annual international conference at ESHRE at MILAN on 4th July 2022.
  • Chapter titled ‘Pre-implantation Genetic testing PGT: Where and when to offer’, sent for publication for a book titled “Algorithms for Infertility & Reproductive Medicine” edited by Dr Kamini Rao. The book aims to serve as an indispensable reference guide to all clinicians and post graduate students providing a scientific, step by step approach to infertility management.
  • Chapter titled ‘ART and PCOS’ sent for publication for a book titled ‘PCOS’, to be edited by Dr. Surveen Ghumman. They aim to bring it out as a standard reference book including the latest developments in the field. It will be useful in daily practice as a ready reckoner for practitioners and for the teaching commitments of academicians all over the world.

Coffee table book edited on Dr. Abha Majumdar 2019

Edited Autobiography of Dr. Abha Majumdar ‘The journey of a life saver’, in 2022

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